Paul Frank, owner of Perfection Type

Perfection Type, Inc. was established in 1923 as a typesetting service. In 1948, the company established sales and service of equipment to the industry. Today, the company specializes in offset press, bindery equipment, related accessories and supplies. We have been proudly serving you over the past 88 years. Our philosophy remains steadfast: “To serve customer needs through prompt professional sales and service support.”

As an independent equipment distributor, representing over 150 high-quality manufacturers, Perfection Type, Inc. has the versatility to satisfy your equipment and supply needs. Our goal, therefore, is to match up the right product for the right job… for the right investment. We carry it one step further by offering several attractive methods of leasing and financing.

Quality Pre-Owned Equipment
Perfection Type, Inc. can deal specifically with supplying quality pre-owned Graphic Arts equipment including a large format offset press and complete bindery solutions to the industry.

Service, Establishing a Partnership
Perfection Type, Inc. takes great pride in its service department.
Through the years, it has been proven to us that there is only one type of reliable service for our customers…our own service people. We further support your service needs by maintaining a fully equiped machine shop, with modern lathe and milling equipment. We are committed to the continuous training of our staff to meet your needs.

Perfection Type carries a complete line of parts and supplies to meet all of your needs:

Alcohol Testers, Anchor Chemicles, Anti Static Chemicles, Anti Angle Guide, Banding Press, Bindery Suppiles, Blankets, Blanket Saver, Bookbinding Tape, Book Clamps, Brayers, Brushes, Brite Polish, Chain Cleaner, Channel Creasing Matrix, Chemicles, Clean-up Sheets, Corner Rounder, Corner Rounding Knives, Cotton Pads, Creasing Rule, Scoring Rule, Cutter Jogging Blocks, Cutting Rule, Cutter Knives. Cutting Sticks, Cylinder Cleaner, Dampening Covers, Die Cutting Jackets, Drill Adaptor, Drill Bits, Drill Blocks, Drill Ease Sticks, Drill Sharpeners, Electronic Counters, Eyeletter, Eyelets, Folding Bones, Fountain Solution, Gauge Pins, Glass Cleaner, Gloves, Gun Arabic, Hand Cleaner, Ink Knives, Ink Pads, Ink Preserver, Knife Gaurd, Lead Spacing, Letter Folder, Letterpress Numbering Machines, Letterpress Rollers, Letterpress Supplies, Libite Typewash, Line Gauges, Linen Tester, Litho-Perf, Litho-Score, Litho-Slit, Litho-Snap, Magnetic Cutting Pads, Magnets, Magnifiers, Makeready Knife, Marking Tape, Masking Sheets, Micrometers, Micro-Perf, Micro-Perf Rule, Numbering Machine, Numbering Machine Cleaner, Offset-Etch-Blue, Offset Press Rollers, Oily Waste Cans, Pad Counters, Padding Compound, Padding Press, Paper Drills, Paper Joggers, Paper Knives, Paper Strapping Machine, Perfect-Bind Adhesive, Perforating Rule, Perforation Backing, Perforation Backing, Perforator Blades, Precision Type, Preferred Graphics, Pile Separators, Plate Punch, Plunger Cans, Press Supplies, Press Wash, Pump Oil, Quoin Keys, Quoins, Razor Blades, Roller Cleaner, Roller Cleaner Paste, Rudow Press Parts, Rule Cutter, Saber Tooth, Safety Cans, Scoring Blades, Scoring Rule, Sealing Wax, Shim Tape, Shop Apron, Silicone Spray, Slitting Blades, Solvent Squirters, Spine Taper, Spray Adhesive, Spray Powder, Staplers, Static Eliminator, Static Tinsel, Stitching Wire, Suckers, Tablet Knife, Tesaband Tape, Tweezers, Tympan Paper, Type Wash, Wood Furniture.